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September 04 2017

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Chapter 1 // Chapter 6

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Ancient Persian engineers made their own freezers that kept ice cold - even during desert summers. By 400 BCE, they had perfected the ‘yakhchal,’ which are made of thick, heat-resistant materials. They had vents to funnel breezes to an underground storage area and push warm air out the top, and ice could be brought in during winter to use for making chilled treats in the summer. Source Source 2

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Кот воитель

“Warrior cat”






when u scratch a cat’s chin and they lift their head up reblog if u agree

when u scratch a cat’s cheek and they lean their head into ur hand reblog if u agree

when u put your hand in front of your cat’s face and they gently headbut u reblog if u agree

when ur cat runs just a lil bit faster to get to u reblog if u agree

cats reblog if u agree

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“You’re about this fat, see?” (via schizoduckie)

“it me”

“Yes Lenny, that’s the problem.”

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when would your showrunner ever [2/?]

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I find your lack of treats disturbing

An Inventory of Will Graham's Clothes


He has a lot of plaid. Useful post for reference stuff whoop.

Keep reading

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Okay, this is actually just a straight up manga cover.

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Finally I’ve been able to sit down and finish this… A little play on Hannibal and his shadow… <;

Prints on my Society6, RedBubble and Mont8
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September 03 2017


fbi confiscates hannibal’s ipad expecting to find all sorts of incriminating information, but all they find are memes and three different mango chutney recipes



it’s dangerous to go alone. take this




dinner guest: “you have a very good butcher!”

hannibal: *looks into the camera like he’s on the office*

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tonight in vermont news:

  • the police department in our state capital was called because a skunk was wandering down main street with its head stuck in a yogurt cup
  • not wanting to risk getting sprayed, and unsure of how to remove a skunk from a yogurt cup anyway, the police googled “how to get a skunk’s head out of a yogurt cup”
  • this led them to an article, published by Arizona police in 2015, titled How to Take a Yogurt Cup Off a Skunk’s Head Without Getting Sprayed
  • using the method outlined in that article, vermont police safely caught the skunk, removed the yogurt cup, and sent the animal on its way
  • they did this without anybody getting sprayed in the process
  • “and then we recycled the cup,” vermont police wrote on their department’s facebook page, “so a win all around.”
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