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November 10 2017

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November 09 2017

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chris: people don’t care about my shirtless scenes

taika, someone who has his third eye opened: yes they do

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reblog to make a trump supporter mad

Reblog to show representation to kids and adults who may want to get into politics and help their community




I totally understand the appeal of pettiness, snark, and the pleasure of revenge. But seriously, where’s the satisfaction if someone hasn’t actually wronged you? Meanness is only fun if they’ve got it coming.

That was very slytherin of you to say

Dickery should be a function of justice only.



the moral of hamlet is don’t ever try to go home and resolve conflicts with yr family just stay at college and do gay shit w ur friends

As an English teacher I am qualified to tell you this analysis is insightful and may be supported fully with textual evidence.




anyone else feel like their spirit is ancient and they’ve been carrying the weight of its heartbreak for an eternity

My dad’s literal first words on holding me for the first time were “ …she’s done this before, and she’s not happy to be back.”

That is such a badass thing to say about a newborn

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IKEA bringing the SÅLT

Prince Philip is the most badass prince EVER. And here's why.





Okay, so he’s got a girly face, and he wears tights and some high boots. Sure.

But check out that noble steed. That’s one ready-to-kick-ass-and-take-names steed.

While other princesses just run away and leave nothing, Philip gets AN INVITE TO HER HOUSE. He gets a song, a dance, and a first date.

He comes home, just to tell his dad he’s not going to marry the princess because he’s in love.

No. Other. Reason. He rides in and is just like, “I met the girl I’m going to marry. Now I’ve got a birthday party to be at. Bye Dad.”

Now how much do you think his dad weighs? That short fat little man? Probably pretty heavy.Not a problem for Prince Philip.

And then he gets jumped by goblins, both hands tied behind his back

But that’s not enough to stop Prince Philip.Oh no.

He breaks his hands free and starts chucking goblins.

Look at that face. That face. The “BITCH JUST YOU WAIT” face. He may be tied down by a dozen goblins but he’s not gonna take no shit from this witch.

In fact, he’s so strong, she ends up keeping him chained to the wall, but he still fights back.

Now when he finally does get free–

He’s ready to go into battle UNARMED. He don’t need no shield or sword, he’s going to go punch Maleficent’s face in with his fist. If Flora didn’t stop him, he probably would have, too.

Backed up against a cliff edge, nowhere to go. Fighting off goblins. But there’s so many and just one Philip.


Gate closing?

who gives a fuck? certainly not prince philip.

Lighting hitting rocks around me?


Giant forest of thorns?

Bitch, get out of my way. I’ve got a princess to save.

Giant dragon of hell?


Fire? Dragon? Burning dry twigs? No. Fucking. Problem.

Just smack that bitch on the nose.

Sheer cliff face? Fire burning behind me? Back to a wall?

Calm down guys, I got this.


And fight the bloody beast from 500 feet high, with literally nothing to save me if I fall.

Lose the shield off the cliff?


Just chuck it. Straight through.

Then jump out of the way…

And survive. That’s what happens to bitches who mess with the woman I love.

Get the horse.

Get the girl.


that’s how he EARNED his happily ever after.

Srsly. The most bad. ass. prince. disney ever wrote.

I 1,000% never thought of it from this point of view before and am now screaming Too Hot, Hot Damn, Made that dragon wanna retire man.





can’t be hateful, gotta be grateful by HalfFizzbin | 6.2K

“Be cool, Dad, we’ve decided to con Grandma.”

(Or, the one where the Stilinski men drag Derek to Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma’s and she gets the right wrong idea.)

Coming Home by sheafrotherdon | 9.9K

When Stiles comes home from college for Thanksgiving break, the last thing he expects to develop is a sudden, overwhelming attraction to Derek Hale.

Cupboard Love by mklutz | 32.6K

He’s carefully balancing the sandwiches and the two biggest tupperware containers he could find that both had functioning lids when the front door opens and he almost drops everything right there in front of the stupid fountain.

If that’s Derek Hale, he’s definitely not a mountain man.

Denial by ericaismeg | 4.9K

Scott thinks they’re flirting. Isaac’s betting on Derek sniffing him. The Sheriff thinks they’re dating. Erica and Boyd are rooting for them. Derek’s waiting for him to figure it out.

Stiles is the only one in denial.

Derek Hale’s No Bad Very Good Day by Venivincere | 11.1K

Derek Hale is having a good day. Something has obviously gone very, very wrong.

Dude, Werewolves by  mysecretashes | 29.6K

Stiles gets partnered with Cora for a history project, and they become bros. Also, he kind of falls in love with her older brother, Derek.

early worm gets the bird by joosetta | 5.8K

In which Stiles sends Derek a dick pic, Derek has no idea what to do and ends up having to cook Thanksgiving dinner as a result.

French Silk Pie, Baby by KuriKuri | 2.6K

“See, your angel of a sister - ” Derek scoffs. Cora hasn’t been an angel since she was five months old. “ - agreed to date me, because my visa is about to expire and - ”

“I’d have to marry you for that, dumbass,” Cora butts in, rolling her eyes.

“Are you saying you wouldn’t marry me to keep me in the country?” Stiles asks, sounding mildly offended.

“Hell no,” Cora snorts, earning her a wounded look from Stiles.

i wait for you like a lonely house by  bleep0bleep | 4.5K

Derek isn’t sure why he buys the house.
He doesn’t need the space, that much is certain. While it’s not as big as the one Derek grew up in, something about the cheerful yellow paint and the wide staircase (with banisters wide enough for children to slide down) draws him in.

I’m Game (A Very Craigslist Thanksgiving) by dr_girlfriend | 3.6K

“If you’d like to have me as your strictly platonic date for Thanksgiving, but have me pretend to be in a very long or serious relationship with you, to torment your family, I’m game,” the ad had said. “I can do these things, at your request: openly hit on other guests while you act like you don’t notice, start instigative discussions about politics and/or religion, propose to you in front of everyone, pretend to be really drunk as the evening goes on (sorry, I don’t drink, but I used to. a lot. too much in fact. I know the drill), start an actual, physical fight with a family member, either inside or on the front lawn for all the neighbors to see. I require no pay but the free meal I will receive as a guest.”

I Love To Watch Your Body Lie, Just Wanna Be The One You Tie  | 7.6K

Thanksgiving is usually a pretty drab day in the Stilinski household. This year the sheriff invites the Hales over to celebrate with them.


Derek is a nerdy omega. Stiles is a jocky alpha. Sex happens.

Not Quite the Bradys by tigerlady (shetiger) | 13.5K

“Cover me,” she said, tilting the turkey so the butt end was more accessible. “I’m going back in.”

“Yeah, I’m not sure I should be here for this conversation,” Scott said.

Melissa just wanted their first Thanksgiving together to go perfectly.

As if.

Suspect spells from the Internet, or: How Stiles Found His Soul Mate by seraphina_snape | 24K

“Yo,” Scott said, eyes wide. “Was that Derek in your room?”

Stiles groaned and smacked his forehead, mostly because Scott was too far away to smack and he didn’t really need a broken hand from punching the wall on top of everything.

“Wait,” Scott said, his face impossibly close to the webcam. “Is Derek your soul mate?!

The Skies Above Are Blue by Trelkez | 95.2K

Derek is a wedding DJ. Stiles just happens to go to a lot of weddings.

Under Yellow Moons by  skoosiepants | 17.1K

They stare at each other, half-grinning, and Derek knows it’s definitely the absolute wrong time for this, but he wants. He wants to grin at Stiles over dinner every day for the rest of his life, baffled over yams and Moon Pie Day, and, god, crap, goddamn, when the fuck did he have time to fall in love?

Derek Hale’s No Bad Very Good Day by  Venivincere | 11.1K

Derek Hale is having a good day. Something has obviously gone very, very wrong.

Thanksgiving by  Inell | 6.1K

Derek and Stiles host Thanksgiving for both of their packs.

Night Stroll by  Marishna | 3.2K

“Is it night there?”

Derek chuckled. “Yeah, it is. How do you know where I am?”

“I don’t, that’s why it’s weird it’s night. That puts you in… Europe?” Stiles asked after some quick math.

Derek raised an eyebrow. “Spain. You haven’t lost that…” Derek waved his hand. “Stileness.”

November 07 2017

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November 06 2017











lmao on the edinburgh zoo site it says “there is a daily penguin parade at 14:15 but it may be cancelled last minute as it is a voulntary parade, we do not coax the penguins with food, and they may not want to go out” lmao anarchopenguinism

this is the cutest goddamn thing i’ve ever heard

I saw the penguin parade. It was a very slow parade, because the pingüinos take their sweet time and aren’t very fast walkers to begin with.

can I volunteer to be a penguin

I feel like the world needs to know the context of the edinburgh zoo penguin parade, becausr I’ve been going there my entire life and I only found out about this the other year.

So a while back (I can’t remember exactly when but I think it was some time around the 40s/50s), a bunch of penguins escaped. A keeper left the gate open so a bunch of penguins just… followed them. And the people loved it. Look at these adorable birds outside their cage just following that guy around! So they get all the penguins back inside and realise that none of them really ran off, they just followed the keeper and went back inside and crowd thought it was amazing, so why not make it a regular thing? Get enough people there that if one of them goes to make a run for it (which at least one has in the past), they can’t get past the people, and let the ones who want outside have a little wander. So every day, they get a crowd, they open the gate, and whatever penguins want to get out can go, waddle about, squawk at people, and then hop back inside.

Also, one of those penguins is Brigadier Sir Nils Olaf III, Colonel-in-cheif of the Norwegian King’s Guard. This isn’t really related to the parade at all, I just love the fact that there’s a penguin in the Norwegian army

Reblogging with Brigadier Sir Nils Olaf III inspecting his troops.

Carry on …

I love everything about this post.

@mllecomtessedelafere, @crazy-grrrl-on-the-computer


My clumsy friends!

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kitten fell asleep oN MY TABLET OMG……..




You know what? New rule.

If you force an introvert into a social gathering they don’t feel comfortable with/don’t want to go to you are responsible for their good time.

You have to include them in conversations or go sit with them when they have no one to talk to.

Because if you can’t do that, don’t make them come. Don’t force them in a situation where they feel alone and helpless and leave them floundering. 

“But it’s good for them to get out.” You’re not making me adapt. You’re not making me more social. You’re reinforcing every negative opinion I have on these gatherings and giving me the resolve to say ‘Fuck off’ the next time you try this.

I would also like to add to this rule. Do not trap them there. Make sure they have a way to get home without you or you are willing to take them home if they feel uncomfortable. Even if you do spend time with them and make sure they have a good time let them leave if they want. Social interaction even with people they know and like can be tiring and they can’t always keep up with extroverts.

Reblogging for important addition



no more discourse everybody shut the fuck up and eat some bread

-Jesus at the last supper



“When I was 26, I went to Indonesia and the Philippines to do research for my first book, No Logo. I had a simple goal: to meet the workers making the clothes and electronics that my friends and I purchased. And I did. I spent evenings on concrete floors in squalid dorm rooms where teenage girls—sweet and giggly—spent their scarce nonworking hours. Eight or even 10 to a room. They told me stories about not being able to leave their machines to pee. About bosses who hit. About not having enough money to buy dried fish to go with their rice.

They knew they were being badly exploited—that the garments they were making were being sold for more than they would make in a month. One 17-year-old said to me: “We make computers, but we don’t know how to use them.”

So one thing I found slightly jarring was that some of these same workers wore clothing festooned with knockoff trademarks of the very multinationals that were responsible for these conditions: Disney characters or Nike check marks. At one point, I asked a local labor organizer about this. Wasn’t it strange—a contradiction?

It took a very long time for him to understand the question. When he finally did, he looked at me like I was nuts. You see, for him and his colleagues, individual consumption wasn’t considered to be in the realm of politics at all. Power rested not in what you did as one person, but what you did as many people, as one part of a large, organized, and focused movement. For him, this meant organizing workers to go on strike for better conditions, and eventually it meant winning the right to unionize. What you ate for lunch or happened to be wearing was of absolutely no concern whatsoever.

This was striking to me, because it was the mirror opposite of my culture back home in Canada. Where I came from, you expressed your political beliefs—firstly and very often lastly—through personal lifestyle choices. By loudly proclaiming your vegetarianism. By shopping fair trade and local and boycotting big, evil brands.

These very different understandings of social change came up again and again a couple of years later, once my book came out. I would give talks about the need for international protections for the right to unionize. About the need to change our global trading system so it didn’t encourage a race to the bottom. And yet at the end of those talks, the first question from the audience was: “What kind of sneakers are OK to buy?” “What brands are ethical?” “Where do you buy your clothes?” “What can I do, as an individual, to change the world?”

Fifteen years after I published No Logo, I still find myself facing very similar questions. These days, I give talks about how the same economic model that superpowered multinationals to seek out cheap labor in Indonesia and China also supercharged global greenhouse-gas emissions. And, invariably, the hand goes up: “Tell me what I can do as an individual.” Or maybe “as a business owner.”

The hard truth is that the answer to the question “What can I, as an individual, do to stop climate change?” is: nothing. You can’t do anything. In fact, the very idea that we—as atomized individuals, even lots of atomized individuals—could play a significant part in stabilizing the planet’s climate system, or changing the global economy, is objectively nuts. We can only meet this tremendous challenge together. As part of a massive and organized global movement.

The irony is that people with relatively little power tend to understand this far better than those with a great deal more power. The workers I met in Indonesia and the Philippines knew all too well that governments and corporations did not value their voice or even their lives as individuals. And because of this, they were driven to act not only together, but to act on a rather large political canvas. To try to change the policies in factories that employ thousands of workers, or in export zones that employ tens of thousands. Or the labor laws in an entire country of millions. Their sense of individual powerlessness pushed them to be politically ambitious, to demand structural changes.

In contrast, here in wealthy countries, we are told how powerful we are as individuals all the time. As consumers. Even individual activists. And the result is that, despite our power and privilege, we often end up acting on canvases that are unnecessarily small—the canvas of our own lifestyle, or maybe our neighborhood or town. Meanwhile, we abandon the structural changes—the policy and legal work— to others.”

- Naomi Klein

Change the ME into WE.

November 05 2017

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